Exterior Washing

It has become a common practice that aircraft are (wet) washed in a dedicated hanger, released from duty for 12 to 24 hours because the wash can't be performed during maintenance. Towing is required to and from the hanger, which makes the logistics even more costly, time-consuming, and complex.

Since 2013 THOMS Aviation has revolutionalised this old fashioned process, which allows the aircraft operator to improve aircraft availability and production hours. Moreover, the towing costs can be reduced to ‘zero’ and the paint life will be enhanced by 25%. And last but not least, the fleet will have an unmatched appearance.

The services we provide:

  • Exterior Dry Wash

An exterior DryWash is a wash performed completely without water. Only the DryWash which is used to clean the aircraft, is mixed with a minimum amount of water. After this treatment, the aircraft is clean, polished and protected against all kinds of dirt. 

  • Exterior Semi-DryWash

An exterior Semi-DryWash is a wash performed in combination with water. However, we are still able to safe at least 95% of water in comparison to a traditional wet wash. 

  • Technical Wash

By a technical wash, the landing gear and wheel well are being washed. We are able to use to products you desire. We prefer to perform a tech wash by using a steam method. 



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